Sticking to a regimented lawn care program is the key to keeping your lawn looking lush and beautiful all year long. Our program includes steps to control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds, as well as fertilize. This will help give your lawn a rich green color and improve grass density and thickness. If you have questions about your lawn or our home lawn care program, give us a call!

Starter / General Purpose Fertilizer


All purpose starter fertilizer used at seeding or sod installation. May also be used on established lawns. One 50 pound bag covers 1/8 to 1/4 acre. 


​Early Spring: Crabgrass Preventer

12-0-0 25% Slow Release w/.15 Dimension

Pre-emergent and fertilizer combo. Excellent pre-control of crabgrass, Poa Annua, and other grassy weeds. One 50 pound bag will cover approximately 1/4 acre. 


​Spring: Weed and Feed

17-0-4 30% Slow Release w/1.14 Lock-up

Premium “weed and feed” that controls a broad spectrum of weeds. This is the best choice to control clover. May need applications 30 days apart for best control. One 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre. Wet lawn prior to application so flakes stick to leaves. 


​Summer (July): Fertilizer/Insect Control

18-0-2 40% Slow Release, 3% Iron w/ Entourage

Premium Grub Control and Fertilizer that controls a broad spectrum of insects and provides feeding all summer long. Do not apply during excessive heat. Make sure to water in after application. One 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre.


​Early Fall (September): Fertilizer

18-0-6 30% Slow Release

All-purpose fertilizer for existing lawns. Provides source of nitrogen when it is most needed. 

One 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre. If needed, substitute with 17-0-4 Weed and Feed. 


​Late Fall: Fertilizer

30-1-5 20% Slow Release, 25% Natural Based

Apply a premium fertilizer that promotes root growth for the winter months and increases disease resistance. Prepares your lawn for spring. One 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre. Apply in November. 


Pro-Select Dolomitic Lime

Apply lime only if soil tests indicate. One 50 pound bag covers 1/8 acre. 

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