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In addition to growing and installing high-quality sod, we at

Shan-Gri-La Farm carry a variety of carefully selected products for starting and maintaining beautiful lawns.  We are a “one-stop-shop” for all your lawn needs!

For more information about which products can make your lawn look its best throughout the year, see our Home Lawn Care Program.

Please note that due to market conditions, prices may change rapidly and without notice. Please call to confirm the most up to date prices. 



Tall Fescue Blend

85% Tall Fescue and 15% Kentucky Bluegrass. Full sun to partial shade, better drought tolerance, better disease resistance, good color, good texture, easy care.

Size Rolls

10 sf rolls (2' wide x 5' long)

200 sf rolls (2' wide x 100' long) special order

Pallet Size

4'x4' that can hold up to 500 sf, our normal full pallet amount


Average weight: 2-4lbs per sf (heavier when wet)


Sod Price Picked Up (as of 2/20/24): Call day before to place order

10-490 sf ~ $.50 per sf

500-5,990 sf ~ $.45 per sf

6,000+ ~ $.40 per sf

*Call for large quantity pricing

Pallet charge ~ $15 each

Returns must have our name on it and in good condition to receive store credit 

Delivery: Call 1-2 days before to place order

Driving miles from 6176 Haring Rd. Perkasie, PA 18944

0-9 miles~ $200.00  

10-29 miles~ $250.00  

30+ miles~ $275.00 + $5 per loaded mile after 30 miles

2 Pallet minimum

Add $75 to the delivery charge for orders under 2 pallets


Installation: Please call as every job is unique.  We will quote each job individually.

Grass Seed

Shan-Gri-La Tall Fescue Blend (85/15)

Our exclusive sod-quality blend to match our sod. Premium grass seed not available in stores. 

6-8 lbs per 1,000 sf

50lb bag: $210

10lb bag: $55


Three Way A List Tall Fescue Blend

Three way blend of turf type tall fescue. Will withstand drought and disease. Will tolerate sun and shade. 

50lb bag: $157

Erosion Control

Straw Matting

Single-sided straw netting for soil stabilization.

1 roll covers 900 sf

Price: $49

Straw Bales

Weed free small square bale. 

Covers up to 1,000 sf


Price: $8

21 Bale Bundle

Price: $126

Penn Mulch

Cellulose / wood fiber mulch granules that promote germination, soil stabilization, and moisture retention. Apply by hand or using a broadcast spreader.

Covers 500-1000 sf

40lb bag: $29


Sod staples

Used to pin sod on slopes or in swales and for straw matting.

Box of 1,000 pieces: $76

Pack of 100 pieces: $11

Lawn Fertilizer

Starter / General Purpose Fertilizer


All purpose starter fertilizer used at seeding or sod installation. 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre

50lb bag: $30.00


​Early Spring: Pre-Emergent / Fertilizer

12-0-0 25% Slow Release w/.15 Dimension

Pre-emergent and fertilizer combo. Excellent pre-control of crabgrass, Poa Annua, and other grassy weeds. 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre

50lb bag: $34


​Spring: Weed and Feed

17-0-4 30% Slow Release w/ Lock-up

Premium “weed and feed” that controls a broad spectrum of weeds. 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre

50lb bag: $43


​Summer: Grub Control

16-0-2 100% Slow Release, 2% Iron w/ Entourage

Premium Grub Control and Fertilizer that controls a broad spectrum of insects. 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre

50lb bag: $40


​Early Fall: Fertilizer

17-0-5 w/iron 50% Slow Release

All-purpose fertilizer for existing lawns. Provides source of nitrogen when it is most needed. 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre

50lb bag: $28

Tip- sub with weed and feed if needed


​Late Fall: Fertilizer

20-0-10 100% Slow Release

Premium fertilizer that promotes root growth and increases disease resistance. 50 pound bag covers 1/4 acre

50lb bag: $30


Pro-Select Dolomitic Lime

Apply lime only if soil tests indicate. 50 pound bag covers 1/8 acre

50lb bag: $12

Ornamental Bed: Spring Pre-Emergent

5-2-0 (100% BIO) .25 Dimension

Fertilizes landscape plants and provides good control of broadleaf and grassy weeds in beds   

40lb bag

Covers 7,500 sf

Price: $42

​Selective Herbicide

TZ Triad Select

Broadleaf weed control that provides fast knock-down and can be applied in warmer temperatures. Suppresses nutsedge.

1 gallon                                       2.5 gallon

Covers 2.25 acres                      Covers 5.5 acres

Price: $75                                    Price: $228                             

Q4 Plus

Quick knockdown that controls grassy and broadleaf weeds including crabgrass, yellow nutsedge, and a variety of broadleaf weeds. 

1 gallon

Price: $180


Sedge Hammer 13.5 g 

Knocks out nutsedge without injuring desirable grass.

13.5 g 

Covers 1,000 sf

Price: $15



Dark Brown Dyed

Dark brown mulch that holds its color longer.

Price: $35 per yard picked up

Local Delivery (0-5 miles): $50 + cost of mulch (3 yd min)

Black Dyed

Black mulch that holds its color longer.

Price: $35 per yard picked up

Local Delivery (0-5 miles): $50 + cost of mulch (3 yd min)

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